See What’s Available in 2024

Your 2024 BRAN experience is packed with many free features as well as several options to upgrade!


On-Road Support (Roving SAG)

We have roving SAGs that follow the riders on tour. Riders should know how to fix a flat tire and carry the necessary tools and spare tubes to fix a flat. However, if you feel that you lack this knowledge or are physically unable to do this, a support person or bike shop can help you. In many cases, more experienced riders will help you change your tire.

If your bike breaks down or the day just isn’t going your way, BRAN offers a free SAG into the next host town. Our ‘Meat Wagon’ will pick up you and your bike from the route and take you in.

Stationary SAG Along Your Route

BRAN SAG support also includes rest stops strategically placed every 7-15 miles and offers fruit/water and other snacks on the tour. Donations are welcomed for these supplies. There are also convenience stores along the way most days of the tour, as well as bake sales and other food booths supplied by various civic/school organizations.

Post-Ride Celebration Picnic

Please join the BRAN Crew and the Omaha Pedalers Bicycle Club for a Post Ride Celebration at the end of the ride. Food/drink will be provided. This is a great time to say all your good-byes, take photos, and say thank you to those who made the ride possible. (Donations for the food are encouraged and welcomed!)

Bicycle Transport from Louisville to Valentine on Sat. June 1st

Our partner, Pork Belly Ventures, will provide a Semi to transport your bike out to the start town. Bikes will be hung and no longer have to be boxed. If you prefer to box your bike that is available. BRAN will reach out to all riders who sign up for the bus as to which option (box or hung) you plan to bring your bike. This is included with your bus registration.

Hot Showers!

Hot showers are provided to registered riders, drivers, and passengers in your registration fee from Pork Belly Ventures. Pork Belly Ventures has towels, shampoo and soap in the showers or you can bring your own personal grooming supplies.

Baggage Transport for ALL Registered Riders

This service will be provided by Pork Belly Ventures and includes loading and unloading baggage at each overnight town. Riders will only need to bring their bags to the back of the baggage trailer and Pork Belly Ventures crew will load/unload baggage. This service is included in your registration fee.

Charging Trailer for ALL Registered Riders

Pork Belly Ventures will provide a dedicated charging trailer with lockers for charging your devices. This service is included in your registration Fee. No need to worry about your tablet or your cell phone losing its charge.

Charging for all E-bike Batteries

If you have an E-bike, bring it. We will have charging service for all E-bike batteries provided by Pork Belly Ventures and included in your registration Fee.

Bike Mechanical Support provided by The Bike Way

“The Bike Way is excited to once again be on site for BRAN 2024 with The Bike Way Beast! Incidents happen on any ride. The Bike Way crew, with certified bike mechanics, will ensure riders participating on BRAN will be covered with bike maintenance and repair necessities needed to have a safe and fun filled ride. Whether you have a flat, brake checks, gear adjustments, need a chain, or something just feels out whack, look for The Bike Way Beast and we can help you out. We can provide most services on site. (Suspension services are not available) We can provide bike safety checks giving a once over making sure everything is safe, and in good working condition. We will also provide accessories for purchase as well including tubes, lights, mirrors, tires, water bottles, bottle cages, bags, chamois butter, tire sealant, and more. Leave the worries at home and know The Bike Way has you covered.”

Visit them online at

Free Morning Coffee!

We can all use a cup of caffeine to start our day. Dave Kennedy from Pork Bellies will have his coffee pot running each morning to get you a cup before you hit the road.

(for an additional fee)

Charter Bus Service fromLouisville to Valentine on Saturday June 1st Only

BRAN is arranging a Charter Service to take the rider, and luggage from Lousiville to Valentine on Saturday, June 1st only. There is no bus service at the end of the ride. Weeklong parking arrangements will be available. This Service is indicated on the registration form for an additional fee. You must sign up for this when you register as the number of seats are limited. We cannot take day of bus registrations. You are responsible for getting yourself to the bus departure point on time.

Need a Tent Service?

Pork Belly Ventures will offer a tent service for a fee. Leave your bags in their provided tent, ride the route, and you will arrive and find your tent is set up with your bags waiting for you. To sign up for this service please click THIS LINK and check out what they offer.

Wanna Sleep Each Night in a Cabin?

Pork Belly Ventures is bringing their signature PHAT Rooms (hotel trailer), which they will offer for a fee. To sign up for this service please click THIS LINK and check out what they offer.


If you are interested in sponsoring, supporting, or volunteering for BRAN, please CONTACT US!

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