Daily Rider Information

This is a place for news or route information that comes up during the week. Most updates will be made the night before, but it will be updated with any info discovered durring the day. 

Sunday, June 2nd

National Weather Service has issued a SEVERE THUNDERSTORM WATCH for the area until 11pm. Potential for High Winds and hail. NOAA intends to contact BRAN Staff with a 30 minute warning in the event of us being in the direct path. If that call comes in BRAN staff will notify riders to take shelter in the building until we receive an all-clear.

Please look for the Emergency Shelter sign, and be aware of weather conditions.

Team Jersey Day!

Welcome to BRAN 42!

Please do not leave camp before First Light! No riding in the dark.

The Cowboy Trail is ridable all the way to Burwell, just be aware there is a marked detour around a bridge.

Be very careful in the construction zone at Long Pine!! The road is marked as “Road Closed: Local traffic only!” We are still using the route. There is a bridge in the construction zone that is ONE LANE. So be very aware of oncoming traffic.

BRAN POC Phone # 402 344 4120 Call or Txt

Madeline will be leading Yoga sessions at 3pm and 4:30pm near the Basset High School. Final location TBD; Just look for the signs!

Monday, June 3rd
Rose is our only food stop today!

There are no other towns on the route between Bassett and Burwell.

Enjoy your scenic ride through the sandhills!

Tuesday, June 4th
Free day to enjoy Burwell!

For those of you who bought River Float tickets:
Meet at the front of the school. Busses leave at 10am and 2pm according to which tickets you purchased. PLEASE ARRIVE 30 MINUTES PRIOR TO DEPARTURE!

BRAN President Kim Shirley will be performing check-in as you load the bus.

Alcoholic beverages are OK to bring, but MUST be in a can -NO BOTTLES Allowed -and it’s pack-it-in, pack-it-out. Local stores may have soft-side coolers for sale…

A group ride is planned around Calumus Lake starting at 8am:
1. Leave BHS at 08:00am, retracing the route in back on Highway 96.
2. Ride the north side of Calamus Lake to the Highway 183 turn.
3. Turn Left (South) on Highway 183, to Taylor.
4. Turn Left on Highway 91, which will take you back into Burwell.

Total 48 miles.

Wednesday, June 5th
First of our long days! We’ll have Five Sag stops for you today, and the lunch stop is in Spaulding,
Thursday, June 6th
Second of our long days! Nice tailwinds are expected, and there’s a nice Cafe in Genoa for today’s lunch stop.
Friday, June 7th
54 miles today! Stop at the Rising City c-store for a bathroom break, as it’s the last on-road stop for 30 miles into Wahoo!
Saturday, June 8th

Breakfast will be available on the south side of the Wahoo school provided Scooters and Chips Restaurant staring at 6:30am.