Daily Rider Information

by | May 22, 2023

Friday, June 2nd

Camping will be allowed overnight at Ashland High School with access to one restroom.

Bicycle loading will be available Friday evening from 6pm to 8pm. 

Saturday, June 3rd

Bike and Bus Loading at Ashland High School, 1842 Furnas St., Ashland NE:

Please arrive between 5:30 and 6am to load your bike. Busses leave promptly at 8am. Bring your ID to check in for the ride. You’ll need to sign a waiver if you’re leaving your car all week. 

Once in Benkelman, we’ll gather at the Dundy County – Stratton High School located at 400 W. 9th Avenue:

Check-in times for those arriving in Benkelman will be from 1:00 to 4:00 MDT and again immediately after the Riders meeting  for another 45 minutes. 

Rider’s meeting starts at 7pm MDT. Final location of rider’s meeting will be announced day-of. 

Sunday, June 4th

Bike Club or Team Jersey Day!

Sheriff has requested we stay on the shoulder and take the turn into Trenton to avoid the slow lane on the highway. 

Lots of places to eat on today’s route. Local groups will have food stops in both Culbertson and Bartley, McCook has several restaurants, and “The Scoop” Ice Cream shop will be open for us in McCook. 

Monday, June 5th

Superhero Day! 

Potential food stops along today’s route include a Subway in Arapohoe, the Twirly Bird Cafe and the Longbranch bar in Oxford, and Paddington Station in Orleans.

Tuesday, June 6th

Military / Patriot Day!

You’ll find a bar and grill in both Republican City and Franklin on today’s ride. Local group will have a food stop in Riverton.  

Wednesday, June 7th

Hawaiian Day!

Food and rest stop about mile 26 today provided by local group. “sAint Bobb’s Depot” will be open in Deschler 


Thursday, June 8th

Circus Day!

It’s also Bar and Grill day, as you can find one in Daykin, Plymouth, and two in DeWitt today!  

Friday, June 9th

Ride will begin after an 8am group photo!

Crazy Sock Day!

No Riders will be allowed to leave before 8am due to traffic congestion caused by shift change at a nearby plant.

Another day with plenty of food stops, as we’ll be passing through larger towns. Crete, Dorchester, and Milford all have places to stop. 


Saturday, June 10th

Bran Jersey / Shirt Day!

A short day, but Ceresco will offer plenty of opportunities to stop for food and rest. 

Reception is at the Ashland High School, 1842 Furnas St. Ashland, NE from 10:30 am to 2:00 pm.