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Postby branadmin2 » Sun Sep 08, 2019 11:40 am

Oh woe is me. Every ride is a fantasy for me. For many many years I ran and rode with no thoughts or worries. Today no running and every ride is a blessing from God . Not complaining but as we get older things change. Keep going guys and look forward to being with you on BRAN next year. The real route is close to being complete. Still lots of work to do though. As the Nebraska towns get smaller getting everything we want for the riders is more difficult. As usual I will be easy to find since am still as handsome as ever. Stop and say hi.
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Re: Fantasy Routes

Postby Missouri John » Wed Sep 11, 2019 8:49 am

Yes things change, and we all have to play the hand we were dealt. I have a 4 mile course that I have ran for years and it use to take me 25 minutes and now it takes me 35 :? A couple of weeks ago I attended a neighbors 100th birthday party. She is a well known practicing artist in this area and still lives alone and still drives. I was truly amazed at how well she danced at her party! One of her goals is to have a 106th birthday party. Then there's Thomas Camero who at age 78 completed his 3rd Trans Am Bike Race in 99 days completing his last 170 miles without a rest. His goal was to better his time and if he didn't he came darn close. Clarence Boesenberg a WW11 veteran of Cedar Rapids, IA rode his 10th RAGBRAI at age 93. He didn't start cycling until he was in his 80s and has already rode over 90,000 life time miles and believes he can hit 100,000 next year. Of course you would have to consider these people outliers but I really admire them and believe much can be learned from them. They all stay very active, set goals for themselves and have a lust for life. I include you in this group as well Frank and will certainly look forward to visiting with you on BRAN 40.
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